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About Faceranked.com

Ask anyone about their favourite pastime and they will often tell you it is just sitting in an outdoor café doing some people watching... But what is it that we like so much about people watching? To find the answer to this question we must go back to one of our basic needs, which is the rudimentary need to assess if other people would be a suitable partner for us? This is a need that human beings - and, in fact, every other living being - have had since prehistoric times. And because everybody does it, it is understandable that we are just as worried about our own appearance. How do I look? Do people think I am ugly, good-looking? People also wonder what kind of partner they are able to "get". Scientific research has shown that people with a similar beauty level see each other as suitable partners. But how can you determine your own beauty level?

There are websites on which you can mark or rank people by giving a digit between 1 to 10, but this is always subjective. The most objective way to go about is to compare yourself with as many other people as possible. This is the only way you can find out where you stand.

Faceranked is aimed at indisputably determining your ranking, based on a picture that you can submit yourself. Your ranking is not established from the very start, it is all about being ranked by as many people as possible. The more people rank your picture, the more reliable the result. For over a year, Faceranked has done research in order to find the best ranking process, and after reading hundreds of articles and trying out more than 10 mathematical algorithms, Faceranked has created the ultimate ranking mechanism.

The more people participate, the better the results. You can always submit a new picture if you think your ranking is too low, but this will also mean that you will be back on square one. Faceranked allows you to invite your Facebook friends to participate, so you can find out which of your friends is the best-looking. Faceranked displays the current top 10 of every ranking on the homepage, which gives you an idea about your competition and the position you may be working yourself up to.

What makes Faceranked unique?

Faceranked is based on scientifically validated algorithms, which makes it impossible to manipulate results, other than perhaps editing your picture or taking a picture of yourself with a very expensive car or yacht in the background ;-)

Faceranked is not a dating site and certainly not an advertisement site. The only thing Faceranked wants to do is throw some light on one of the biggest insecurities people are concerned with.

Join us and help determine who is rightfully ranked number 1 and find out your own ranking!

If you score well on Faceranked, you can confidently start a modeling career. If not, at least you know that the best thing for you to do is go to school and learn a trade... The numbers tell the tale, is what we at Faceranked say.

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